In addition, we want to let you know about the book and other products featuring Kathy's artwork and writing. We can also arrange author's visits for schools or illustration classes for kids or adults - please check out the other pages on the site. 

Who is Spot?


The pattern on the underside of each humpback whale's flukes is unique to that whale. The flukes in our logo (and on this web page's header, and on the cover of our children's book) belong to a whale nicknamed ‚ÄúSpot." Spot, whose official NOAA designation is SEAK1434, is well-known to boaters and researchers in Juneau, Alaska. Spot is believed to be a male, and has been observed in Juneau waters for many years. He will often approach boats, apparently just as curious about us as we are about him. 

In honor of Spot's curiosity, his visibility, and his very handsome flukes, we chose him for our logo.

Originally we planned this website to be about our children's book, When You See Flukes. As we began the process of creating the site, we realized that it would also be a great platform for sharing additional resources, information, and links--and for connecting with other people who, like us, love to watch, learn about and share information about humpback whales.