When You See Flukes

Illustrated children's book about connections and "what makes a whale"                  $11.95



American Dippers

A concise natural history of one of North America's most charming, and unusual, songbirds. Written by dipper researchers.                        $12.95

Aquatic Insects in Alaska 

Discover the world of aquatic insects. Learn about their natural history, and how to find, catch and observe them.        $29.95

Whale's World

Greeting Cards  (5"x7")                    $3.00 each

Master Musicians
Polished Rocks
Rare Treat

"Bird Notes" - 1 each of a black oystercatcher, rufous hummingbird, tufted puffin, great blue heron, and lesser yellowlegs.

Note Cards(4"x5.5")               Set of 5 - $12.00

Glass Cabochon Pendant  with Kathy's artwork  - $15.00

A variety of pendants - comes with a necklace or key ring - contact us to see photos of what is currently available.

Compass Series Items                        

Winged Migration


Mug - 12oz with print on both sides             $15.00

10"x10" matted print                                      $32.00

5"x5" greeting card                                         $  3.00

2"x2" magnet (Winged Migration only)         $  5.00